Paid placement

In order to promote your business you will have the opportunity to access other bookmarks account profile (mini-site) for a low price. Namely:

  • Logo - is the face of the company. It is for you to recognize it
  • View location on a map and a route through which you can get to - much to reduce the distance between you and the client
  • The history of emergence of the characteristics of production capacity, today's news and announcements of events, information about promotions in conjunction with the photo on the "About Us" will create a good impression on your visitor profile.
  • Detailed list of goods and services, works (100 pieces) on tab "Products/services" with the submission of photos, names, detailed product specifications, conditions of sale and delivery, its prices and discounts on it - will allow the potential buyer make the right decision to purchase .
  • On the tab "Documents" you will be able to place files copies of registration documents, prices, certificates, licenses, certificates, technical Documentation and enable "virtual accounts" in the form of facsimile accommodation contracts, invoices, bills, certificates of the works.
  • Having formed a list of jobs according to position your company on the tab "Job", you can receive forms pretendetniv, thus care for the provision and quality of personnel.
  • Using the tab "Questions / Answers", you can put on it answers to the questions most frequently downloaded the contact line.