Site Features

Based on the opportunities the site as of today, you have the opportunity to place (get) information following plan:

  • The name of the enterprise, institution or organization (hereinafter PUO) and hidden alternative names by which you can search your PUO.
  • Address location
  • e-mail, skype, icq, site
  • Hours
  • Logotype
  • Placement on the map
  • Text information "About Us" (history, present, news, poster)
  • Photo "About Us" (building facades, view office, industrial shops)
  • Catalog, services, works (the PDA) with representation by TPD up to 3 photos, product specifications, prices, discounts on him
  • List of contacts with the image files of the person and the submission of their name, telephone and other contact information
  • Documents: Copies, facsimiles of certificates, licenses, contracts, prices, invoices, bills, acts, including in the form of virtual accounts
  • Jobs
  • FAQ

This information can be put on the site in its own profile (mini-site), potratyvshy 3-5 hours at a proper time.

Each Profile (mini-site) is assigned a short address type, you can distribute among friends and potential clients in the form of cards and SMS.

We care for your time and money!